Melukat Ritual, Purify Soul & The Mind

Melukat Ritual is an Ancient Balinese and Javanese tradition to purify the minds and souls through holy water.

Melukat di Pura Dalem Pingit Sebatu Gianyar

 Sudamala Sudamala Bangli's Holy Water Shower, gives a spiritual nuance and is right to be used for a place of reflection and holy baths.
 Tirta Empul Holly Spring Water / Tirta Empul Temple, especially with the holy natural spring and believe the water can have magical powers.
 Pancoran Solas Pancoran Solas, a sacred bathing and purifying place, and had been guarded by the gods like the gods of Nawa Sanga, Goddess Saraswati and the goddess Ganga.
Sacred Campuhan River Sacred Campuhan River, Purify soul, Melukat Pager Wesi,  Campuhan River Tampaksiring
Abuan River, Sacred Holy Water Abuan River, Sacred Holy Water, Believe it or not, indeed, mystical things have happened in the last few months in a place of devotion.

Melukat Ritual in ancient Javanese is a tradition to purifying our minds and souls through holy water.
And as added in Bali, this melukat procession aims to:
Purify the mind and soul of the human spiritually as a tradition that has been carried out by Hindus in Bali for generations and is still practiced today.
Because Balinese believe that,
Every human being must have even the tiniest traits, so that that trait must be purified and cleansed again, in the hope that later we can have a nobler soul.
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