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Pasifika Museum History

Pasifika Museum History. That was done in 1940, by Miguel Covarrubias who, after publishing his book on Bali in 1937, illuminated the pageant of the Pacific exhibition in San Francisco by creating six mural decoration and contributing to exhaustive ethnographic study of the region for the event.

This exhibition remind us of every important statement by the renowned art professor Adrian Vickers in his book Bali : A Paradise Created: “Asia and Pacific Meet in Bali “ So , now 11 years after its opening and continual improvements , over 600 object together with 200 sculpture created by 200 artist of 25 nationalities are on display .

We hope to provide Bali residents, Indonesian visitors and overseas tourist a brief introduction to some of the Asia Pacific’s unique variety of cultural artifacts that now meets in Nusa Dua Bali . Museum Pasifika Nusa Dua - Bali

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