Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun

Skimboard Dreamland

World Champion Skimboarder Austin Keen Skimboard Dreamland Beach in Bali.
The waves weren’t the best for skimboarding but I was stoked to skim into a couple at Dreamland Beach in Bali and ride the motorcycle back with my skimboard on the rack!
My favorite thing about skimming Dreamland, besides the warm beautiful water, is that there is always so many different people from all over the world.
And they all trip out on skimboarding when they see it done right for the first time.
I love skimboarding in new places, especially Bali 😍. Thanks for pointing and shooting @alohabalisurf 🤙. .

Austin Keen Video

Epic times! Can’t wait to get back out there!
Bali Skimboard, IG Photo Album
Bali Skimboard
Bali Ocean
Uluwatu Beach Area