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Tipat Tahu

Street Food Traveller || Tipat Tahu

Tipat Tahu, a peanut dish that is perfect

Just like the Balinese Food version of Gado-Gado in Jakarta, or Tupat Tahu in Bandung, West Java, it also contains peanut sauce, tofu, and rice cakes. I’s an incredibly simple dish to make, so Chef Will creates this one for you, though with a twist compared to the original recipe.

After frying some garlic, shallots, pound with peanuts, then the wonderful spicy garlic peanut sauce is ready. Add the peanut sauce with a little bit of palm sugar, petis (Indonesian fish paste), water, sweet soy sauce and use a pestle to mix together.

Add in the rice cakes, cut into small pieces, fried tofu as well, mix well, add in shredded cabbage, long beans, mix it all again then add beansprouts, a squeeze of lime, and serve beautifully with some fried shallots, a slice of lime on top, and some crispy prawn crackers.

The breakfast of champions to set you up for the day.

Will Meyrick Chef