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Balinese Cooking Class

One of the favorite tourist destinations in Bali, both domestic and foreign tourists, is Balinese cuisine.

So now there are many cafes and restaurants that provide this typical Balinese food.

So far, tourists are more familiar with the names of popular cafes in Bali compared to the names of traditional Balinese food.

With the variety of Balinese specialties, there are now also many short courses while on vacation on the island of Bali. As well as :
  • Made Chicken Soup, Sate Fish and Caramelized Banana in Syrup.
  • Fish curry; tempe curry; roasted eggplant sambal; kuah ikan (a tomato-lemongrass sauce); urab (fern coconut salad); and green coconut crepes. Yum!
Location :
  • Ubud : Canting Bali, Paon Bali, Casa Luna etc
  • Jimbaran : Puri Bali
  • Seminyak in hotel & resorts
  • Etc
There you go with this delicious crispy skin salmon and its green peas puree, plus some delicious confit cherry tomatoes, summer salad, Bell pepper and an exquisite soy emulsion...
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