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Pesinggahan Village

Klungkung Traditional Food
Pesinggahan is a village famous for seafood fish stalls, especially tuna.

Pesinggahan Village, Dawan District, Klungkung Regency is a village that has a strategic position because it is located in a village which is the border between Klungkung Regency and Karangsem Regency.
The village is also contoured which is quite unique which includes coastal and hilly areas so that some of its residents make a living as fishermen, some as farmers, and the rest as traders or employees. But outside of the village's original income potential, in fact, most of it comes from the tourist attraction of Goa Lawah Temple.
In the village of Pesinggahan it is also famous for its sea latehan satay fish satay stalls because in the village there are several typical Pesinggahan lesehan stalls such as Pancaboga, Merta Sari, Baruna, Rahayu and so on.
Its strategic position, which is in the middle of a cross-district route, makes this location the choice for those who want to fill the stomach in the middle of a trip to Karangasem or vice versa. 
Coupled with the beautiful atmosphere of the beach with all the sea products, it is certainly more tempting for culinary lovers to taste the typical menu provided by a row of food stalls in the area.
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