A dream time, looking so cute

Broken Beach, truly amazing to enjoy

Explore Nusa Penida Underwater

Enjoy Beautiful Manta Point & Mola-Mola
To find lightness in every situation, one must have light thoughts.  And see small beachside stalls that provide seafood dishes for parties and singing all night.
Tukad Cepung,
surrounded by rock cliffs
that add to its uniqueness
Tanah Lot, a chunk
of rocky small island in
the middle of the sea
Kasna, Edelweiss's
one of the special
gifts for partners
Gunung Payung Beach
enjoy the sensation of
bathing in the mirror.
Menjangan Islandenjoy
the beauty of the zoo and
the ocean.
Tembeling, so that it is
very sacred and benefit
to our spirituality
Bondalem  Beach Club
Underwater City with a 

variety of spot
Kerta Gosa, Art Puppet
Like you visited in the
era of Bali's kingdom
Balian Beach,
the sensation of driving
on the beach waves

Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun