Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun

Kelating Beach


Kelating Beach is black sand beach and incredible agriculture, and reflecting on life choices after getting wet shoes by sneaky waves is something fun when we visit here.

Here’s a beautiful picture of a black sand beach to remind you to wash your lashes 😉 (not with salt water obviously...)
Myth - you can’t wash your eyes with extensions on
Fact - not only can you wash your eyes, it is recommended to do so daily with an oil free cleanser to keep your lash line healthy & clean 🖤 (I have a few lash cleansers in stock).
Waiting behind the reef. The first light that infiltrates the pores of the skin. Warm.  That's Kelating: that will never be forgotten how he once held me here.
☘️🌼 so happy to be here🍀🌾🌾
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