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Bali Cow Market | Pasar Beringkit (Full Version)

Peken (in Balinese) is a traditional market in English. And selling on the market is also a big part of the livelihood of the people of Bali.
The crowd with your meeting with local Balinese residents, will also be able to provide a different atmosphere when you are on vacation in Bali.
The uniqueness of the market in Bali, the opening of existing markets generally also depends on the schedule of each local local tradition such as:
  • Morning Market
  • Night market; Pasar Senggol....
  • Market opening based on Balinese tradition
  • Based on Pawukon (every three times a day)
  • Based on Saptawara (weekly)
  • Or there is also a market that is open every day.
But when big holidays in Bali, sometimes most are closed because every Balinese is celebrating worship.

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