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Udayana University

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Campus & University History
After completion of all preparations so that being settled the opening day, on September 29, 1958.
The name that is given is the Faculty of Letters Udayana. 
However, the original name of the plan is Udayana Faculty of Letters and Cultures. The word “Cultures” was then removed at the instigation of Prof. Dr. Prijono, because the word alone contained “Literature Cultural” meaning. Thus, the term literature contains a very broad sense.

At its inception (September-December 1958), Faculty of Letters Udayana taken care of by the Foundation of Faculties Nusa Tenggara, but has starting on January 1, 1959 officially became a part of the University of Airlangga. Since then the Faculty of Letters Udayana name was changed to the Faculty of Letters until now.

Currently, the Faculty of Letters Udayana University continued to show itself as the faculty of arts and humanities as reflected of the view that the terms of the lobby building with philosophical nuances that underlie philosophical fairy Balinese life.

With ornate decoration view which is themed screenings as “Pemutaran Mandara Giri” on ornament bight kuri in multi-story front building lobby, with the establishment of the statue of Goddess Saraswati in the lobby, and with a great standing of Dewi Saraswati statue at the same place, and attached gracefully with two inscriptions establishment of the faculty is expected all this can be a source of inspiration that is growing steadily towards increasingly resounding success, that success because there is a strong willingness to understand the continuity of the past with the present to the future brighter. (Faculty of Cultural Knowledge;