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Bunut Bolong

Bunut Bolong is famous for its many mystery trees.
Aside from being a natural plant, Bunut Bolong also has magical value according to the beliefs of the surrounding community.
Regarding the origin of Bunut Bolong along with Pujaangga Sakti Temple, it is not known for certain.

But according to the legend, there used to be a Tawulan (big stone) where Dang Hyang Sidhi Mantra passed by he did semadi (yoga) in that place.
Local people who saw him and adored him then built a temple environment in that place.
The temple environment is named Pura Pujaangga Sakti.
Formerly told, when the Manggissari village began to be built around 1928 there were some strange events.

Residents who were there, at first settled on the northern part of Bunut Bolong and south of the cemetery was attacked by a disease outbreak. Then there is a clue obtained from the Pujaangga Sakti Temple, so that the population is moved to the south from Bunut Bolong.
It was obeyed by the population so that they became safe.
Against this background, the local Bunut Bolong and the surrounding area are believed to have religious values.
Until now the environment of the Pujaangga Sakti Temple was protected by the Manggissari Village community.