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Durian Fruit

Durian fruit is known in Bali as "Buah Duren".
Actually durian fruit has a lot of nutrient content which is also beneficial for health, you know.
Among them are vitamin C, fiber, minerals and phytonutrients, and have antioxidant content.
In order not to be at high risk, here are the healthy tips on consuming durian as reported by Healthy Doctors.

1. Pay Attention to Fruit Maturity
Choosing a durian fruit that is too ripe, with a very soft texture that can be pinched with fingers, is an inappropriate choice of durian fruit.
This shows a high sugar content because the durian fruit is too ripe. In addition, prioritize fresh durian fruit, not durian fruit which is processed through a fermentation process so that the alcohol content in durian fruit is not high.
2. Always Control Fruit Portions
Durian fruit is a fruit that tends to be seasonal in some regions. This risks making us overeating durian fruit when the season arrives.
This condition causes excessive consumption of durian fruit and causes excessive sugar intake.
3. Consumption of Durian Fruit Along with Drinking Water
White water can suppress appetite so you can better control the portion of consumption of durian fruit. In addition, water can support digestion more smoothly. This will make the body's metabolism more optimal after consuming durian.
That's healthy tips on consuming durian. Now you can still enjoy durian fruit without having to worry about excessive sugar intake and when eating durian. (*)