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Juwet Fruit

Juwet Fruit, this purple and white fruit is often found in gardens, yards, or even roadside. In fact, the price is quite cheap on the market.
But not all of us know that this cheap and easy juwet is found to have several benefits for the body. Anything?
From the information obtained,
Who would have thought, juwet fruit is also said to contain fiber that can overcome constipation. You can find 0.9 grams of fiber in 100 grams of juwet. In fact, juwet juice can be used as traditional medicine when there is intestinal bleeding.
In 100 grams of this small purple and white fruit contains various nutrients.
You can find 1.7 mg of iron, 16 mg of calcium, 16.7 mg of phosphorus, and 36 mg of magnesium. So, fruit is good for dental and bone health.
And also, if you don't like carrots, juwet can be an alternative for eye health.
Because this fruit has 81 IU of vitamin A in 100 grams of fruit.
If you don't like carrots, you can make juwets as an alternative to reduce the minus in the eyes.