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Silik Fruit

Silik fruit, known as Srikaya fruit.
Reporting from Indonesian food composition data, in 100 gr of srikaya contains 28 mg of vitamin C which can help the digestive process of pregnant women.
Silik can help digestive problems for pregnant women such as facilitating bowel movements, reducing the possibility of constipation, and other digestive problems.
Silik Fruit flourishes in Indonesia. The price is cheap and easily available for sale.
But unfortunately from the benefits of srikaya fruit for health, it is still rare among us who know it.
Though this Silik fruit is effective for pregnant women, because it can reduce morning sickness, help digestion, build fetal nerves, and many others.
In addition, the Silik fruit that tastes sweet, deep like soursop fruit, is beneficial to prevent cancer, treat inflammation, to reduce high blood pressure.