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Tenun Cloth

There are many types of Balinese woven fabrics, including: Woven Fabric Endek, Cepuk, Songket, Endek, kain lukis, and rangrang.
All of these types are still manually made by Balinese people using looms not machines. 
To produce one beautiful and quality woven fabric sometimes takes days to months so it is only natural that Balinese woven fabrics are expensive. 

In addition to quality Balinese woven fabrics also showcase the beauty of Balinese culture as indicated by the patterns or patterns found in Balinese woven fabrics. 

Now Bali woven fabrics have many fashion designers making beautiful clothes from this fabric.

In Bali there are also several types of fabrics that are classified as sacred such as:

Kain Tenun Gringsing, Tenganan Bali. This fabric is the only traditional woven fabric that uses a double tie technique. From the beginning to the end of the fabric work using hands, the yarn used was imported from Nusa Penida because only the sacred material was obtained there.
Usually the immersion process takes 40 days - 1 year before proceeding to the binding process.
No wonder
if making this cloth takes 2-5 years. Gringsing cloth motifs only use three colors called Tridatu from natural dyes that come from white cucumber trees, noni roots, candlenut oil and taum tree.
So that the older the fabric the better the color that appears.

And Cepuk, Bebali Tenun etc