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The story of King Rahvana's Rejection of Love

A Dance Performance at The Art Center 2019
Formerly told, in Angsoka Park in the kingdom of Alengka,
Dewi Sita was sad and comforted by court ladies, Raja Rahwana tried to seduce Dewi Sita, but Dewi Sita always refused until King Rahwana almost killed Dewi Sita.
And with the help of Trijata, a royal servant, Raja Rahwana finally left.
To prove their love, the husband of Dewi Sita named Rama finally sent Hanoman to meet Dewi Sita in order to give her the ring, instead Dewi Sita gave a prick to her condition.
Hanoman went to Alengka Kingdom and damaged the Angsoka park.
King Ravana and his giant army are very angry,
finally there was a fierce war between the ape troops on the part of Rama and
giant troops on Raja Rahwana's side.

The battle was finally won by Rama, Dewi Sita finally returned to the arms of Rama until finally Rama was appointed as King in the Kingdom of Astina Pura, the capital of Ayodya.