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The Story of the Struggle of a Child to Help His Mother

A really hard struggle from a child to be able to free his mother from slavery and occupation, that is the figure of a Garuda bird that will become one of your destinations when visiting Bali.
In ancient times, told Garuda Bird is a half-eagle human figure who is the son of Bhagawan Kasyapa and Sang Winata.
The Winata and Sang Kadru, both of whom are his wives Bhagawan Kasyapa,
Dewi Kadru has children namely thousands of dragons
Dewi Winata gave birth to children named Aruna and Garuda. 
It was told, at one time his wives talked about Uchaisrawa, the horse that came out of the mountain of Mandaragiri,
Dewi Kadru said the color of the horse was black, while that of the horse
Dewi Winata said the horse was white.
Because they are equally steadfast in defending their opinions, they finally agree to bet that whoever loses will be a slave to the one who wins.

The dragons who were sons of Dewi Kadru knew that the color of the horse was white and to win his mother the dragons sprayed it to the Uchaiswara so it was black.

Dewi Winata lost and became a slave to Dewi Kadru, but how noble and courageous the child of Dewi Winata, namely Garuda, who wanted to free her mother from slavery.

After all this time, the Garuda and his mother became slaves of the dragons and finally Garuda became bored. He then asked the dragons.
Garruda asked the dragons, "is there a way to substitute or redeem, so that he can be free from slavery?"
After much thought, the dragons agreed to free the Garuda from slavery if they could find a holy water called Tirtha Amerta to heaven for them.
It is said that anyone who can drink Amerta will be free from death.
Thus the dragons assume that there is no need for guards like the Garuda, because there is nothing that can cause them to die when they drink Tirtha Amerta.

The Garuda went to Heaven to look for Tirtha Amerta, so he faced the Gods who guarded Tirtha Amerta.

The gods were defeated by all and finally the Gods begged for help to Lord Vishnu to face Garuda.

The war between Lord Vishnu and the Garuda took place for a long time, finally Lord Vishnu asked why the Garuda had done that and for what reason was he looking for the holy water?

After the Garuda explained the purpose of finding Amerta to free himself and his mother from the slavery of the dragons, Lord Vishnu would give Tirtha Amerta, provided that the Garuda was willing to become the vehicle of Lord Vishnu.
The Garuda agreed and Tirtha Amerta was handed over by Dewa Wisnu on the condition that "whoever drinks it should cleanse himself first, otherwise Tirtha Amerta will not be useful".
The Garuda immediately handed over the holy water to the dragons with all the requirements. The dragons after receiving it, they competed and preceded each other to go to take a bath and purify themselves, for fear of not getting so that the holy water was left in the middle of the reeds.

Knowing that, Lord Vishnu and Garuda took back the holy water immediately so that the holy water splattered on the leaves of the reeds, and brought it back to Heaven.

Disappointed finally the dragons licked the reeds, because the leaves were sharp so that the dragons' tongues split.

Such is the story of the Garuda bird called Garuda Wisnu Kencana.