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Yeh Gangga

Yeh Gangga, ATV Sport Tabanan
Since the first time this beach has become a place of recreation for the surrounding community.
In addition, the surrounding communities who work as fishermen also make this beach the right place to dock for their boats and carry out various activities related to their livelihoods.
Yeh Gangga Beach is also the place for the Melasti ceremony to be held once a year in the series of Nyepi Day.
Until now this activity is still going on like it did decades ago. Even visitors to the Yeh Gangga beach today are not just the surrounding community, but from various regions.
Along with the development of the times, even this activity on the coast has developed. Surfing sports or what we know about surfing are initially sports that are introduced by foreign tourists. But nowadays, local people, especially young generation around the coast, have also been proficient in doing this exercise.

Villagers have also prepared a jogging track along the coastline to support community activities which are now increasingly aware of the importance of maintaining fitness.