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Age of Civilization Museum

Civilization is a development about life on this earth,

Sometimes it can be lost or can adapt.
But as an ancestral heritage, in Bali it can still be preserved.

This knowledge will be more fun when you can visit these museums.

This knowledge will be more fun when you can visit these museums.
 Bajra Sandi Museum Bajra Sandi Museum, a collections ranging from prehistoric Bali to the days of filling independence.  Museum Bali Denpasar Museum Bali Denpasar, include equipment used in pre-historic times, ceremonies and customs, and various forms of art and culture
 Batur Geopark Museum Batur Geopark Museum, can get to know the history of Mount Batur can also get to know the Mount Batur geopark more closely and in detail.  Subak Bali Museum Bali Subak Museum, a collection of traditional agricultural tools used in farming and a traditional Balinese rice field irrigation..
 Gedong Kirtya Museum Gedong Kirtya Museum or Bali Lontar Museum, a history place to store various types of manuscript collections from ancient civilizations.  Buleleng Museum Buleleng Museum, ancient collections of King Panji Sakti such as statues, sarcophagi, weapons and other relics gold and silver handicrafts
 Bali Shell Museum Bali Shell Museum, fossils of marine biota. One of the mystery of the universe. It can be said that it is one of the miracle of the world.