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Art & Culture, sense of beauty collection

Adnyaswari Welcoming Dance

bali traditional villages Traditional Villages, Seeking tranquility and peace the target of our journey today and have a nice day. Ancient buildings & that provide cool and fresh rural air.
Bali Tradition, Local Wisdom Tradition, Local Wisdom | a culture inherited from ancient civilizations to present-day civilization.

Bali Older Documentaries | Travel to an exotic land

Art and Culture is the result of creativity and taste as a representation of every civilizations and very impressive tour.

Through art, we can instill a sense of beauty (aesthetics) in our hearts;

And the sense of beauty will also be able to foster the growth of character (ethics) in good behavior too.

Enjoying arts & culture is a fun thing;

from history that is owned, like we will travel time to the past.

The True Beauty of Indonesian Culture, especially Bali
hitorical place Historical Place, a myriad of history
Paleolithic culture in various forms of traditional Balinese works that experience acculturation in the arts and culture of every civilization.
various traditions that still live in Bali
Artwork, The beauty of Bali
Craftsmen in Bali have artistic talent that they also get from generation to generation
ancient times in the royal era in the hearts of many people
Balinese Dance Balinese Dance, that you will enjoy
almost every day according to the schedule.
And some of them for the spectacle that are very interesting for you
Bali museum Museum, historic collection
art & culture collection will help you understand the development of the world around. An event of the era of civilization in the past.

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