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Artwork in the hearts of many people


Bali is well-known in the world for having art and culture that are preserved to this day.

Craftsmen in Bali have artistic talent that they also get from generation to generation;

and become a legacy from their respective regional civilizations.

And to visit these areas and craftsmen, the following are given a number of areas that become your tourist visit in Bali.
Celuk Art Village
Celuk Art Village, The idea or idea of ​​silver craftsman
began working a lot of silverwork in 1935 and you will be able to see directly from the making of Balinese handicrafts made of gold and silver.
Batuan Art Painting Batuan Art Paintng, thick with magical values every painting that is made contains a lot of meanings from ancient times, which give an impression that is so interesting to know.
Kamasan art Village Kamasan art village, in this area archeological hills. cultural arts in making silver crafts, carving bullet casings, gold and traditional puppet paintings. In ancient times when Bali was still in the royal era, Megalithic Traditions that had been absorbed by the craftsmen
Tengenan Artwork Village Tengenan, Balinese village and has unique traditions.In this village we can also witness directly the artists who are carving, painting on palm leaves, weaving and making woven bamboo as their livelihood. Tourists can buy directly from the artwork.
Art Center Art Center, the center of Balinese cultural performances, opened in 1973 and was the beginning of the tradition of the Bali Art Festival or Bali Art Festival. Precisely in June every year, the Art Center area will be held by the Bali Arts Party, which is usually opened by the president himself.
Art Market Art Market, The beauty of Bali is so inherent in the hearts of many people, Bali offers so many local artworks that always take a lot of attention and seduce the eyes to enjoy, there are many local artists whose ability is recognized worldwide.