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Bali Ocean

There are other hidden beauties when you travel on the island of paradise, which is an ocean.
In a proverb it is said that, as long as the eye can see it, it will only appear blue.
But behind that, if you visit Bali, Balinese believe that the ocean is controlled by the gods named Dewa Baruna who will provide comfort when you carry out various activities and pleasures above and below the sea.

And this is the uniqueness that exists in Bali.

As well as :
In Balinese Ceremonies, Melasti is a purification ceremony that is carried out at the edge of the sea, lake or at the source of the spring before the celebration of Nyepi which is meaningful to purify ourselves physically and physically with the purpose of which is mentioned, namely:
To be able to increase silence of mind;
And also carried out for the sanctity of the universe which is symbolized by various offerings to the sea, grateful for what God Baruna has given as one of God's manifestations.
And we hope you have a more enjoyable trip.
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