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Balinese Dance

Janger Balinese Dance

Balinese dance has its own character, both its dance style, history or tenderness that you will enjoy.

And during your visit to Bali, these dances can be enjoyed almost every day on schedule.

And some of the dances to be a spectacle that is very interesting for you, can be given as follows:

 kecak & fire dance
Kecak & Fire Dance
gamelan is used as accompaniment music, but in the performance of the kecak dance, it only combines art from the voices of the mouth or shouts like "cak cak to cak cak ke"
 legong Legong Dance
which means flexible or elastic and is then interpreted as graceful (dance). Furthermore, the above words are combine
 Janger Janger
The appearance of a Janger in Bali is thought to be around the beginning of the XX century, a development of Sanghyang dance.
 barong dance Watching Barong Dance
a symbol of victory
Barong's form is a lion that has the ability to destroy evil forces.

And all Balinese dance will give its own sensation & spirit, and hopefully this show will be the most beautiful memory of your life.

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