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Banana Boat

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Banana Boat is a rubber boat shaped like a banana with pointed edges like a pencil or rocket.

At the edge of the rubber boat there is a place where the legs are elongated.

This banana rubber boat is one of sea activity and made of thick rubber material that is strong but lightweight.

So, a Banana Boat game is a game that glides into the ocean on this rubber boat, contains four passengers and one instructor in a Banana Boat, and is pulled by a speed boat driven by two instructors.

This inflatable boat is easily pulled in any direction on the sea so it's fun to be invited to speed with a little tilt or erect.

As a spot water activity, Banana boat is a maritime tourism sport where you will be pulled by speed boat around the beach at a certain speed.

It's very exciting isn't it?

And as information, as for a pleasant place to do this activity is in the Tanjung Benoa area, a marine tourism area in Bali.