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Batuan Village

Batuan Pelebon Tradition

Batuan Village is known as one of the village artists in Ubud & Gianyar Bali, especially in the fields of painting and carving. 

In this village,

You will witness the harmonious relationship between humans and nature where each house, carved in its ancient building has its own function.

This is your pleasant tours :
The milestone of Batuan Village began from the time of the Warmadewa Dynasty Government in Bali in 907 AD, where at that time Batuan Village was called the Baturan Village.

The Baturan name originally came from the city of Batu (stone), because in this area it was a rocky area, then later due to changes in daily pronunciation it was more popularly known as Desa Batuan.

Visiting this village means you will be able to see authentic Balinese culture.

Batuan Temple
a temple that is very thick with Balinese culture,
this place,  you will be able to see art sculptures from Balinese people in ancient times.
Batuan Traditional House
feature of the original Balinese house is the gate
and made of stone or from clay and thatch is used as a roof.
Batuan Art Painting
Usually the paintings in Batuan Village depict the lives of Balinese people and puppet stories that are thick with magical values.