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Buleleng, North Bali Tours Area

Buleelng Waterfalls Buleleng Waterfalls, enjoy trip to Nort of Bali. Some of the charm of this region is the beauty of a very diverse waterfall
 Pemuteran Bay Pemuteran Bay. Several statues or statues typical of Bali which are intended to beautify the underwater nuances of nature.
 Banjar Hot Spring Banjar Hot Spring Water. Estimated to be hundreds of years old nature panorama
 Twin Lakes Twin Lakeviews. With beautiful cliffs and green trees. You can enjoy the beauty of this twin lake from the top of the hill.
 Melanting Temple Melanting Temple, a very magnificent shrines, surely be amazed to see it. holy dragon  buildings/
Buddhist Temple Buddhist Temple, on a plateau, its location is comfortable and quiet with beautiful surrounding scenery.
Buddhist Temple North Side of Bali Accommodation. Trip & Tours Area. Hotels, Villas, Bungalow, homestay.........
Northern Bali
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 Lovina Beach Lovina Beach,Some dolphins can be seen jumping and some swimming. And very famous for its wild dolphin show in the middle of the sea, and one of best sea activities in Bali.
 Tejakula Tejakula, who come to Tejakula will usually ask where is the place or former horse bath in the Dutch colonial era. And the main menu is Seafood.

Other Vacation in Buleleng : Gedong Kirtya Museum, manuscript collection | Old villages & it's culture : Bengkala, Janger Kolok | Julah, the sacred village | Sembiran, Bali in ncient times