Coffee, a special aroma

So Tranquil with Traditional Gamelan

Enjoying a cup of flavorful delicious coffee is of course a perfect blend in the cold while watching the beauty of nature.

Like when we sit in a coffee shop or stalls by imagining the beauty of a waterfall or being on a hill with an open sea view or rice fields, it seems like a combination of memories that will not be forgotten.

There may be a difference when you enjoy authentic Balinese coffee, because the manufacture is still done manually-traditional which is still widely sold in traditional markets, which means that it is not a multinational factory-packaged coffee powder that is also easily found on the market. .

The type of Bali coffee generally is Robusta which is planted in high areas, although now there are also many types of Arabica coffee which are more economically valuable.

What is unique about Balinese coffee is the production process after planting, when coffee beans are roasted, traditional farmers or coffee producers like to give a little extra ingredients in the form of coconut; or chocolate or natural spices so that they have a special aroma.

Providing additional ingredients makes Balinese coffee taste has a unique warmth and taste depending on the ingredients added;

But don't worry, the taste of coffee generally doesn't change because it is generally only less than 1% of the volume of coffee.

By enjoying Balinese coffee, hopefully this tour will be more enjoyable.

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Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun