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Cruise, the main choice for tourists who want to explore

Traveling by cruise ship might be something special.

Departing by cruise ship can be started from Benoa Harbor.

Most of the shipping is aimed at Nusa Lembongan unless it is possible to cruise Quicksilver which lands on Toya Pakeh.

Cruise is the main choice for tourists who want to explore the Nusa Lembongan tourist area.

There are several cruise ships serving the Benoa - Nusa Lembongan route, including; Bali Hai Cruise, Bounty Cruise, Sensation Layar, Marina and many others.

 sunset cruise SUNSET CRUISE, into the ocean along the way, passes by world famous surf beaches and arrives near Uluwatu around sunset.
 Fishing Cruise Many good fishing trips such as on the edge of a lake, in the sea using a boat (jukung), jigging, poping, or chasting. And the fish obtained is quite diverse.
 Dinner Cruise Dinner Cruise with a Pirate & Show Exotic Belly Dance, a relaxing evening covered with the atmosphere of PIRATE as the sun goes down.
 Watching Dolphin Morning With Small Cruise, Just walk along the beach in Lovina and set up this tour for the next early morning....don't worry they will find you.
 Sea Walker Cruise Sea Walker Cruise, on the seabed enjoying the funny crowd, seeing the life of coral reefs, or it can see other marine biota habitat.

Sailing Cruise in Bali

Sea Explorer & Party on the Boat