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Fishing for some exotic giant trevally

For those of you who like fishing, it never hurts to try to relax with family or friends while spending vacation time in Bali,

And besides many places for fishing, the scenery and atmosphere will be very supportive for relaxation.

As the saying goes, once rowing, two & three islands were exceeded. That is what can be explained when visiting Bali.

On the island of Bali there are many good fishing trips such as on the edge of a lake, in the sea using a boat (jukung), jigging, poping, or chasting.

And the fish obtained is quite diverse.Besides there are fishing spots with good panoramas such as on the sea or lake, there are also many fishing spots in Bali such as in freshwater ponds.

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Travel to the beach while fishing Ultralight

And sometimes in each village or certain location, a fishing competition is held.

 Kusamba Beach Kusamba Beach, Klungkung Regency, Bali.
Enjoying the cuisine, you will be able to see firsthand the beautiful array of fishing boats neatly arranged on the beach.
 Candidasa Fishing Candidasa, the nautical charm includes fishing, diving and snorkeling. not infrequently traveling lovers just want to take a boat to enjoy the beauty of the sea and watch Candidasa beach from the middle of the sea.
 Tegal Wangi Tegal Wangi, Rock Fishing
You can relax sitting on the beach episodes, fishing, taking selfies with the beauty of the sunset or going up to the hills to see the beauty on every corner.
 Across The Ocean Across the Ocean, there are many charms that you can enjoy when visiting these small islands, you you can cross with a fishing boat or small boats to visit these beautiful islands.
 Lovina Beach Lovina Beach, can rent a fishing boat on the beach.
The fishermen will take us to the sea to see the attractions of this dolphin. Some dolphins can be seen jumping and some swimming.
 Mangrove Forest Mangrove Forest, Community activities fishing
You can see a blend of green mangroves, tolls, and the blue sea of ​​Benoa bay we can get if we trace the bridge to the end.
 Lake Fishing This lakes is still attractive for tourists who like natural scenery.
Such as: fishing, swimming, playing various water games, boat rides, or just sitting / sightseeing enjoying the natural panorama of the lake.