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Accommodation, feel like living in own home

For accommodation you don't need to worry.

And Balinese hospitality makes tourists feel like living in their own home.Bali has many accommodation facilities around the tourist area.

Bali really wants to give the best servants to tourists with comfort, tranquility, hospitality so that tourists can enjoy their visit on Bali Island to be a beautiful and unforgettable tour.Just like other world-class tourist areas, Bali also has star hotel accommodations in major tourist cities such as Sheraton, Westin, etc. Also available in Bali.

Medium hotels and budget hotels, villas, cottages will be easy to find. Most star hotels are located in Kuta, Nusa Dua.

These hotels usually have private places on certain beaches.

You can easily find popular places like in Kuta or Sanur.

If you are in a quiet highland like Ubud, forget star hotels. Choose a small inn lined up along the Ubud road, so you can enjoy the beautiful natural atmosphere.

In the past there was a man who used a wheelchair who had lived in a small inn near the Ubud Monkey Forest.
And in order to take part in a Reader and Writers Festival in the Ubud area in 2007.
He had difficulty going down the stairs in the bungalow so the festival could not be followed.
When he returned at night, the innkeeper had made a special way to get to his bungalow. 
That's the hallmark of Balinese hospitality that makes tourists feel like living in their own home.

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