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Forests, a suitable recreation place to calm down

Forests in Bali are classified as tropical forests and their existence is always preserved which serves to maintain the balance of nature and spring water.

Rivers, mountains and lakes with fresh air make the life of flora & fauna can grow and multiply in various ways.And this is a suitable recreation place to calm down.

Some of them will be very interesting moments for you, when you visit to Bali.

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Relaxation in the jungle

 mangrove forest
Mangrove Forest
Beautiful Forest makes this place one of the popular places to do prewedding. Not only from the Balinese community, many brides from outside the city and even abroad take part in taking pictures here.
 monkey forest Monkey Forest
protected forest where there are many hordes of monkeys inside.
like a village
 Tirta empul temple Holly Spring Water / Tirta Empul Temple
Oldies Strory, forest used for Mayadenawa fled, with its feet tilted, this is now the tourist area of ​​Tampak Siring.
 Munduk Asri Payangan Munduk Asri Forest Garden Payangan
garden tour with the feel of a natural tropical forest.
Munduk Asri itself is actually a tourist place built on a cliff that utilizes the roots of large trees.
 Bali Safari Marine Park Bali Safari Marine Park
an adventure in the middle of a forest where there are many rare animals.
But all of that was an amazing event.
 Tembeling Waterfall Tembeling, Nusa Penida Natural Spring Bathing
visit destinations to this beautiful little island.
Its location is in the middle of a forest that is still awake
 Melanting Temple Melanting Temple, a very magnificent shrines
The cliffs will be verdant when they enter the rainy season, but if the dry season arrives, the opposite will happen.
The scenery in this temple is very beautiful, it's because of the location of the temple in the middle of the forest
 Bali Bird Park Bali Bird Park
a garden that is designed like a rain forest which is quite dense with the humidity in it, because of the tightness of the trees. Here there are also several ornamental fish ponds and collections of aquatic plants, also water birds, black swans, flaminggo, pelicans, and others.
 Taman Mumbul Sangeh Taman Mumbul Sangeh Temple
Nature Tourism Object. When talking about Taman Mumbul Temple, of course what you imagine is an area where there are green, beautiful, beautiful scenery and will be more perfect