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Gardens, Flower & Botanical Natural Park

This tour offers natural and beautiful scenery.

Where you can enjoy plants and flowers from a variety of collections that are famous and rare throughout the world.

And take advantage of time with your family to vacation in these amazing places.

This is a complement to your flora & fauna tour in Bali.
 Bedugul Botanica Garden Bedugul Botanical Garden
the area of ​​this garden is 157.5 hectares and this garden there are tens of thousands of plant species and thousands of species of plants. Enjoy with your children and your family.
 Kasna Garden Edelweiss
Kasna Garden, Edelweiss's white flower
beautiful snow-white colors as quoted from the description of Hunting Photo like Winter in Bali, but behind its beauty is also stored a myth
 Big Garden Corner Big Garden Corner
a sculpture gallery that has various shapes and sizes that make us impatient to capture the moment here. a weekend holiday with their beloved friends or family ..
 Butterfly Garden Butterfly Garden
Located in several Balinese villages surrounded by flower gardens.
To preserve the existence of these butterflies
Tree House Tree House, the charming one
while "relaxing" enjoying the beauty of God's creation.
In fact, you can try out fun activities.
 Sibetan Village Sibetan Village
The cold climate and fresh air make salak suitable to grow in this area. Here tourists can find salak vegetation with various flavors. The extent of the zalacca garden in this area is also interesting to witness.