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Glass Bottom Boat

Glass Bottom Boat with Sea Turtle at End

Glass Bottom Boat (Glassbottom Boat) is a tourist trip on a boat that has a clear glass on the bottom of the boat, so that tourists can see the shallow seabed and hundreds of colorful fish, and see the beauty of the sea coral under the boat through transparent glass that is.

The next trip is a boat going to Turtle Island (Turtle Island) to visit the breeding sites of rare animals, Turtle. Turtle Island is a place for breeding various endangered species of sea turtles.

On Turtle Island, tourists will be shown turtle eggs that are being hatched and will be shown also small turtles, juvenile turtles to adult turtles that are ready to become mothers.

Travel to Turtle Island only takes around 20-30 minutes.

Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Island are good sightseeing trips for family tours by taking small children.