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Hiking, an amazing climbing adventure

 Sunrise trekking Sunrise Trek, Morning View in Peak With A Drink Coffee, looks like a great adventure :-) around the Volcano :-)
Bali also has amazing exploration routes.

Starting from starting across the rice fields, the tracks are winding; until you find a tropical rain forest, a stretch of grassland, and a hidden white sand beach.

To help you find a hiking adventure destination, next we have compiled hiking trails with the most spectacular scenery ever.

So what are you waiting for, prepare your camera and hiking shoes.

This time we will take you to places that will get you into the most exciting adventurers.
  • Mount Batur, through Toya Bungkah Village.
  • Mount Abang, starting from using transportation, then later proceed to the foot area of ​​the mountain of Bali, from the city of Bangli to the direction of Kintamani, after arriving at the Geopark Museum, you can turn left towards the village of Suter which is the center of Mount Abang Bali climbing.
  • Mount Batukaru, through Batukaru Temple.
  • Puncak Mangu, Bedugul, (land and meeting forest) and Petang Village (cement and stone pathways, toll roads for climbers, 45 minutes to the summit).
When you climb at night or during the sunrise, you are already at the top of the mountain. A very beautiful and amazing view you will enjoy.

Feeling tired, tired and lethargic will pay off when you see the sunrise and are on the top of the mountain.

A natural and very beautiful atmosphere will be felt when you walk to reach its peak.