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Hills of Bali's Instagramable

Visible tourists walking on the Pecatu hill.

Giant Cliff in Bali

 Wanagiri Swing Hill Wanagiri Swing Hill, It's like a beautiful natural painting depicting the beauty of mountains, beautiful green trees
 Pinkie Beach So for friends who want to visit, please maintain their stamina and can be rethought whether it is able to climb this very steep hill.

This hilly nature tourism is indeed quite viral in instragram lately because it presents a natural scenery that is so charming because the place is so romantic and exotic.

The charm and exoticism really cannot be doubted.

So it is not surprising that every day this hilly area is filled with local and foreign tourists.

In addition to the beautiful charm, in some places there are also attractions that are fun that can be used as a place of recreation that is very amazing.
Uluwatu Temple Uluwatu Temple, At first, tourists come here to surf on Pecatu Beach which is located just below Uluwatu cliffs. The beach waves are very suitable for surfing.
 Asah Hill Asah Hill, a cliff on the edge of the beach. The view, which is so indulgent in the eyes and exudes calm, is eager to camp and spend the night here
 Love Hill  
Love Hill, Jogging Area One of Bali's instagramable and worthy tourist destinations is "Bukit Campuhan Ubud".
 Melasti Beach This very spectacular sight of Melasti Beach can be seen from the top of the steep limestone hill, there are even special stairs for pedestrians to climb up to the top of the hill
 Pulaki Temples Area On a rocky high hill on the edge of the sea. Pulaki Temples Area, in a spiritual journey to visit the area, you will find temples that exist with various sacred stories
 Lempuyang Temple Lempuyang Temple on the slope to the top of Bisbis Hill and as The Gateway to Heaven.
 Dreamland Its position behind the hill, creating tourists more free to enjoy the beauty of natural scenery, Judging from its name, this Dreamland Beach