Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun

Holiday, it's like entering a story of a fairy tale for a very pleasant trip.

Go and watch us eat our weights and make random friends in Bali!

Historic tourism on Island of the Gods, the tour to Bali

When a long holiday arrives, such as a school vacation, scheduling a trip to a small and beautiful island will have an interesting story.

Like we will go into fairy tales.

There are many valuable experiences that will also be obtained with friends when we are on vacation.

Vacation to BALI is the right choice, besides that this island has a beautiful natural charm and also has a variety of tourist attractions that are very charming and easy to reach.

There are many cheap inns available here, and cheap prices are not necessarily very bad. (:

Scheduling a long vacation in Bali with school friends will provide many tourism options here.

You can explore, enjoy the beach panorama, climb the mountain, enjoy the cool and beautiful lakes, and of course you can also explore the countryside with very friendly people.

And this is a valuable story and experience while on vacation with friends, sometimes sitting along the road while drinking and laughing together.

 Historical Place Historical Place, a myriad of history
Paleolithic culture in various forms of traditional Balinese works that experience acculturation in the arts and culture of every civilization.
various traditions that still live in Bali
 mountains The majestic mountains range that is full of challenges is always waiting for you to visit it.If the sunset is very identical to the beach panorama, And will reveal its beauty at sunrise.
 asah hill first you can do a camp on the hill on Asah Hill.
Wow, imagine how the thrill of camping on the cliff below is the expanse of the high seas.
 Tegenungan One of Beautifull Waterfalls
walk through the clove and coffee gardens as well as rice fields
And it's amazing! This is the best spot for you to add to your Instagram feed list
 gardens flowers Gardens, Flower & Botanical Natural Park
A variety of collections that are famous and rare throughout the world.
And take advantage of time with your family to vacation
 rice fields rice fields with a panorama of beauty will also color every memory you visit to Bali.
With rice terraces that are very unique, so you can capture the attractions in Bali
 traditional villages Traditional Villages, Seeking tranquility and peace
the target of our journey today and have a nice day. Ancient buildings & that provide cool and fresh rural air.
 Batu Belig Beach Batu Belig Beach, Visiting with family especially.
with children will be an attractive choice, because they can more freely enjoy nature, beauty and harmony of the beach.

And hopefully your journey and your friends will be forever familiar.