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Jembrana, The Beauty of West Bali

In Bali, the Jembrana region is known as the city of Makepung, a tradition that local communities have had after the rice harvest arrived.

Jembrana has an important sea transportation in the western region for tourists and some interesting attractions such as:
 Gilimanuk Port Gilimanuk Port, a beautiful port that connects the island of Bali with Java who want to enjoy and witness the beauty of the island with all its variety and culture.
Menjangan Island Menjangan Island, West of Bali. The charm of marine biota tourism and enjoy the beauty of the zoo and tourist activities in the ocean.
 Medewi Beach Medewi Beach area, supporting facilities have now also been established such as other interesting tourist attractions in Bali. Such as lodging, cafe, restaurants, public toilets, bathrooms, swimming pools and parking lots.
 Rambut Siwi Rambut Siwi Temple, the holy journey to beg God that the earth, air and sky will not be disturbed by its function which is the source of economic life for all life in this world.

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 Bull Race Bull Race, a tradition in the form of a buffalo race that has long been inherent in Balinese society.

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