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To enjoy the natural beauty of Bali, not only can you enjoy it on the beach or the mountain. But you can also choose other ways such as participating in a jungle tour for example.

The colorful life of the jungle 🙈😻🤠, with clean river and jungle view this place looks so peaceful🌴💦🌤
  • Called the Manikliyu Village, it is also a development area for prehistoric tourism and agro-tourism, because this area is a very strategic tourism zone and plays an important role in the development of rural tourism.
  • Camping, While Jungle Perch Fishing,  can experience the dream of holding the feet of an angel.
  • Enjoy Jungle Ride, Splashdown, Macaroni Tube in Waterbom Bali, a family attraction on holidays.
  • Goat Scares A Tiger, One of more Balinese Folklore.
  • Zoo & Marine Park, Playing With Animal :
As an area with a tropical climate, Bali is indeed known for its forest wealth. The scenery in the forest was no less stunning with other natural tourism choices.

And enjoy the nature of Bali.
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