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Karangasem Traditional Villages

Places to see in East Bali

If you travel to East Bali, don't forget to visit traditional villages in Karangasem.

The beauty of East Bali is already well-known among tourists, and beauty will be seen from many green lands that are still beautiful and neatly arranged.

 And you will also be able to see many small forests in various regions that will make your trip to Bali very enjoyable.
 Sidemen Traditional Villages Sidemen Traditional Villages, a noble tradition and culture, and your eyes will be spoiled with beautiful scenery surrounded by a vast expanse of rice fields and green mountains
Tengenan Tengenan, beautiful traditional Balinese village and has unique traditions.
can also witness directly the artists who are carving, painting on palm leaves, weaving and making woven bamboo as their livelihood.
 Sibetan Sibetan Village, can find salak vegetation with various flavors. The extent of the zalacca garden in this area is also interesting to witness.

May this holiday be the most beautiful memories of your life.