Lake Buyan

Lake Buyan is one of the lakes to be used as a camping site in Bali which is very well preserved and in nature.

Located on the north side of the Bedugul tourist area and about 15 minutes to get to Lake Buyan.

In this area of ​​the lake, there are 2 campsites, namely Buyan I & Buyan II.

And in these two locations, you will never see boats or boat engines on this lake. Not because no one has it, but this lake is indeed devoted to beautiful and natural tourism.

At Lake Buyan has been devoted or provided a special place for us to do champing activities or camp called the campground dasong. We can build our tent right on the edge of the lake. So when we wake up, we can immediately meet face to face with the lake, plus a cup of warm coffee in the morningAhead of the school holidays or on the eve of holidays, this place is like a sea of ​​tents to enjoy together with friends or with family.

When nature becomes friends, it is the most beautiful memories. And have a happy holiday in Bali, hopefully all your activities will be more fun.

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Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun