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Lake Tamblingan, choose to do pre wedding activities

Lake Tamblingan will be seen when you are traveling after going from Bedugul to Lovina, while taking a short break in the deserted hall beside the road before continuing the journey, you will see a charming small lake.

And you can also capture memories here while enjoying snacks on the roadside.

If if you enter this lake, actually this lake presents natural tourism designed for spiritual and natural tourism with beautiful natural treats and dense forests around it, the atmosphere is calm, comfortable and far from the crowds, so that the audience can relax and enjoy the nature more freely green around it.

Seen a temple on the edge of the lake with small fishing boats that crossed to add to the charming lake.

Shady trees make fresh air feel very much here, and you can do spiritual activities and yoga here calmly and peacefully.

The location is even close to Bedugul Tourism, it takes around 20 minutes to drive, as Buyan and Beratan, Tamblingan is also formed from a large caldera, at an altitude of 1,000 meters above sea level so it tends to be cold, even in the morning it is often misty.

The source of water comes from rain water and seepage of forest water around it.

Besides that, the place on the edge of the Lake Tamblingan is often used as a campsite or competition for scout children at the same level of high school-vocational high school.

The most frequent use of the beauty of Tamblingan Lake is as a place to do pre-wedding.
Many professional photographers who choose to do pre wedding activities in this place.

The reason is very simple, because the photographer wants a photo with the theme of nature or naturalness. So this place is perfect for those of you who like photography.

Capturing memories while on vacation in this place is a precious moment in your life, and enjoy your holiday.