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Monkey Forest

Monkey forest is a beautiful protected forest where there are many hordes of monkeys inside.
  • Monkey forest is like a village, they have also lived there for generations.Like monkey forests in Bali:
  • Alas Kedaton, Sangeh & Ubud, where they are seen living in harmony.
So monkeys are sacred animals as told in a kecak dance where in the Ramayana story, Hanuman is the king of the monkeys so that in each monkey forest there is a temple.

And according to tips obtained from a tour guide, when entering the monkey forest, approaching or being approached by a monkey must also be calm.

There is no movement to scare them. because the monkey can give angry and threatening movements.

Even though it's an animal, whose parent name is still a parent, it's sure to love his child.
Like humans,
a mother is still a mother who loves her child very much. And if there is a mother who has the heart to torture and even kill her child, it seems that her behavior is lower than that of animals.
As long as we don't disturb the monkey monkey, wherever we go around it will be safe.And don't be afraid if approached by a monkey. Can be fed (beans etc.). But there is a risk, the monkey can climb us and perch on our shoulders or head.
Sometimes he wants to go down but don't panic, the tour guide who accompanies you will easily send the monkey down.
Usually fed with beans or bullied with sticks that are always carried by the tour guide.