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Mount Abang

Mount Abang is one of the mountains located in the Bangli district of Bali which is precisely located in Kintamani sub-district.

And the location of Mount Batur is in one location with Mount Batur. And its position is located southeast of Mount Batur and is limited by the largest Lake Batur on the island of Bali.

And for information to the Abang Bali mountain has a height that reaches 2252 meters above sea level.

If you want to do a mountain climbing, then you can choose an easy mountain climbing route. Which is where an Abang Balinese mountain itself is part of a mountain batur caldera embankment created by the massive eruption of Mount Batur in ancient times.

And when compared with the height of Mount Batur with the height of the mountain Abang, it is much higher than Mount Batur, because this Abang Mountain is the third highest mountain in Bali after Mount Agung and Mount Batukaru.

The path of Mount Abang climbing begins with transportation.
Mount Abang climbing path starts from using transportation, then later proceed to the foot area of ​​the abang bali mountain from the City of Bangli towards the direction of kintamani, after arriving at the geopark museum you can turn left towards Suter Village which is the center of the abang bali mountain climbing.

The Bali Abang Mountain Climbing Path Can Pass Through Suter Village

And then after arriving at Suter Village, you can do a hiking trail to this mountain by choosing to go through a suter village whose path is longer and also has sandy roads, so that when you travel, you need a mask, buf or other protector so that later in climbing do not breathe sand.

And after passing through the sandy road, you can find a rather wide and open flat place that can be used to rest for a while, and try to stay strong because the path in climbing Mount Abang is quite steep.