Museum, historic collection

I Gusti Nyoman Lempad I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, known as a painter and sculptor from Bali who has received many awards
 Walter Spies Walter Spies, a German art painter who lived in Bali. R&W publish a XL format book that consist most of the artist's work during his lifetime
 Adrien Jean Le Mayeur History A collection of 68 works Description: "Adrien-Jean Le Mayeur De Merpes was born into an aristocratic Belgian family in 1880.
Charlie Chaplin The past times, the funny Charlie Chaplin was liked by the Jave & Balinese people because he was a friendly person.
Visiting the museum is now one of the choices for the community to fill their holidays and add insight, especially the museum has a high historical value as a place to store history.

Many people believe that history is an event of the era of civilization in the past, a pleasant thing to be able to learn again,

It's like we travel to past civilizations and see a variety of mementos from them.

And in understanding the inspiration of an artwork for Balinese people and maybe yourself, actually visiting a museum that has a collection of art & cultural history will help us understand past developments and developments for the future.
 Art Painting Museum
Art Painting Museum
A scratch representation of the creative imagination of a painter.
This is what you will enjoy on your journey to enjoy art painting museum in Bali.
 Age of Civilization Museum
Age of Civilization Museum
Sometimes it can be lost or can adapt.
But as an ancestral heritage, in Bali it can still be preserved. This knowledge will be more fun when you can visit these museums.
Visiting museums with Balinese nuances will have a different sensation. And don't forget to bring a camera. So many things that you can capture with photos in this tourist spot.
And enjoy, hopefully it can provide a motivation.

Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun