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Nusa Penida, Explore the Beauty of The Island

 Aquatec's floating tourism, Nusa Penida Bali Aquatec's floating tourism, Nusa Penida Bali, Beauty of docks,houses, pools and floating fishing. And to be able to swim in the sea safely
nusa penida hotels Nusa Penida, Lembongan & Ceningan Accommodation Area..
Harbor/Port Transport, Benoa, Sanur, Padang Bay
Nusa Penida Island feels like a tourist destination that can't be missed if you are on a holiday to Bali, because there are so many tourist attractions on this small island that we can explore its beauty.

At present, Nusa Penida can only be accessed by sea, because there is no airport.

And as for the crossing places, namely through: Sanur Beach, Benoa, Klungkung Kusamba Beach or Padang Bai.
 Toya Pakeh Toya Pakeh, a place for ships to dock at Nusa Penida.The anchored ships carry tourists who usually come from Sanur beach
 Port of Buyuk Port of Buyuk Nusa Penida, Aside from being a port, tourism objects in Buyuk Village also have snorkeling spots with beautiful sea panorama.
This small island has many beautiful places that are not widely known by the wider community.
Maybe there are many out there who are curious about this one island, but are constrained by the limited complete information as a guide.
The point of departure of the ships heading for Nusa Penida is mostly centered in the North and East of the Island. Because in the South and West it is directly adjacent to the steep cliffs (cliff) and the magnitude of the waves from the Indian Ocean making it difficult to stop by the ship.
There are several means of transportation to this island, namely using traditional canoes with outboard engines, speed boats, roro boats etc.
The time needed for Nusa Penida with this transportation varies, ranging from 30 minutes to 1 hour. But keep in mind, this means of transportation is very dependent on natural situations and conditions (currents, waves, wind and other technical matters).
Lodging places in Nusa Penida are not as many choices as in Bali and the price range is quite expensive.
So, as much as possible if our budget is sufficient, it is better to book a lodging place that suits our desires than before leaving.
If you choose for backpackers and the budget is not sufficient to rent lodging, it is recommended to bring tent equipment.
So, we can camp in some proper spots in Nusa Penida, like on a hill in Klingking Beach.
For vehicles that will be used there to explore Nusa Penida, it must also be well planned. There is no public transportation there, so there are only 2 choices, rent a motorbike or car.
We also understand the difference in price and convenience of each vehicle.
The advice is if you might not have enough budget, it's better to rent a car.

Because the streets in Nusa Penida are not good enough, so if riding a motorbike it will take longer to explore and be extra careful because the roads are not smooth.
But everything will be fun in this place and we can explore for you to take a vacation to this beautiful place.
And you can sit on a love tree while enjoying the beauty of the high seas around Nusa Penida.
The point is guys, whatever your way, choice, and traveling destination make sure well planned and safe trip!

 tembeling Tembeling, Nusa Penida Natural Spring Bathing
you can soak in the air of freedom as fast as it is surrounded by a very beautiful and amazing nature
angel's billabong Angel’s Billabong >> One of  many beautiful places in Nusa Penida
This beautiful place resembles a natural swimming pool with a collection of Tosca green water, very different from the color of the water in the ocean
 seganing waterfall Seganing Nusa Penida Waterfall
Your honeymoon will be very impressive by enjoying every moment at Seganing Waterfall. From behind cliffs and green plants directly felt air freshness and peace arising from the flow of waterfalls from above.
 nusa penida waterfall Peguyangan Nusa Penida Waterfall
a spring that flows along a terraced slope that is not too high before finally heading to the sea.