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The island of Bali in Indonesia has been called the most exotic island in the world. The people of Bali believe that all aspects of life and the universe must be kept in balance.

A balance between good and evil and between the visible, tangible world of the living, and the unseen, magical world of gods, witches, demons, and the deceased. The fascinating way in which the Balinese interpret their five thousand year old Hindu religion, is unique in the world. Rick Howard is a travel, adventure documentary filmmaker and story teller who has spent many years working in Southeast Asia.

His first two week visit to Bali only gave him a glimpse of this fascinating island and it's people. It would take five years of working in many countries in Asia for Rick to get back to Bali, and to finish this film on this mysterious, magical island.This is the story of that odyssey, an adventure focusing on Bali but also including the exciting city of Hong Kong, a glimpse into the dangerous drug smuggling world of Thailand, Burma and Malaysia. You'll see the snake handlers of Pinang, an exotic Hindu wedding in Singapore. You'll dive beneath the waves with Rick, to visit the spectacular under sea coral gardens in the central Philippine islands.

On Rick's first trip to Bali Rick met a fifteen year old Balinese girl who's father had her show him around. When he returned five years later, she was twenty years old and this time she gave Rick a tour of her whole island paradise on a motorcycle that he had rented. They visited active volcanos, the bat cave, the Sangi monkey forest and temple and she introduced Rick to the Hindu deities that haunt the forest of Bali at night. Rick also met some good surfers here on his second trip and one of them was David Kennedy, son of Bobby Kennedy and a good surfer at only nineteen year of age, when Rick knew and filmed him surfing on Bali.

You will see all of this and get to know the people of these fascinating places with Rick Howard in this five year adventure, THE REAL WORLD OF BALI

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