Pasar Senggol

Pasar Senggol is an amazing place to eat a range of different Indonesian Balinese street food! One evening, we headed over to the market at about 5 pm to start eating, and in this video I’ll show you everything I ate on this Balinese street food tour. Babi guling or Balinese style roast pig, is one of the ultimate things you have to eat, especially if you enjoy pork, when you’re in Bali.
  • Sweets - Along with full meals, you’ll find an abundance of Indonesian street food snacks and desserts. Klepon was my favorite. 
  • Nasi ayam campur - This stall served one of the best single plates of food in Bali, 
  • Ayam betutu and some mixed chicken all over a plate of rice with all the toppings and mixes. The food was sensational, packed with flavor. 
  • Tipat cantok - Similar to another common Indonesian street food called gado gado, tipat cantok includes rice cakes and bean sprouts in a peanut sauce. It was pretty good, and I enjoyed how you could watch her making it in front of you. 
  • Serombotan - Finally, to end this Indonesian street food tour in Bali, a delicious mixture of vegetables and coconut and shrimp paste. It was surprisingly very good and flavorful.

And Green respresent pandant top with coconut and some melted bali sugar called name Laklak.

Indonesian Street Food at Gianyar Night Market in Bali

Thank's for your trust and hopefully more fun