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Rafting, hopefully you can enjoy it with great joy

(Arung Jeram)

Rafting is a water sport that is carried out in a river that aims to build good teamwork so that it can reach the finish.

As one of the travel adventure packages, this rating activity is carried out in three river streams with different characteristic rusts:
  • Ayung River,  you will also hear the sound of birds.
  • Telaga Waja, The scenery along the side of the river is amazing with its cool air.
  • Melangit River. The existence of steep cliffs along the river will make your water sports activities will be more exciting to spur your adrenaline.
Everything has a beautiful view, with the existing rocks will make this water tourism more interesting to do.

This activity requires teamwork in achieving its final goals, so that they can support each other. For tourists who bring children at least 5 years of age, you can invite them to do exciting rowing activities, while building the warmth of the family while taking in the beauty of the panorama in the river.

Tracing the river along about 10 kilometers from the starting point to arriving at the destination is something that will not make you feel bored and tired because the atmosphere along the river is very pleasant.

You will not feel tired while enjoying the natural atmosphere that is still well preserved.

You can feel the splash of a clear and cold waterfall.
Get Have Fun Tour Package, And this is one of the unique rafting in Bali, hopefully you can enjoy it with great joy.