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Softboard Surfing

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Softboard is one type of surf board that is ideal for learning to surf the first time. The key is to choose the right surf board for your surfing.

Why Softboard? This type of surf board is made of foam that is very light so that its superiority in terms of floats (buoyant) makes it easy for beginners to get waves.

The dimensions of this type of surf board provide stability in the water and make it easier for beginners to stand on a surf board.

Fins are also made of rubber, so entering in a safe category in case you are formed with this softboard fins because the material is soft.

If you want to buy softboard, this softboard category is not recommended for beginners who are serious about learning to surf, if you want to buy this type of surfboard it is better for children who learn to surf once in a while especially their house near the beach.

Choose a softboard that is around 7-8 feet long. This type of board makes it easy for you to catch waves, helping you learn to stand and develop your balance, Softboard has rubber fins, so if you fall and get hit by board fins, it won't hurt you because the fin material is softer.

This type of surf board is also often categorized as SOFT SURFBOARD