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Sports & Playing Activity

A variety of sports and fun playing activities :

 Golf Course Golf Course with natural nuances and spectacular views. The sensation of playing golf with 9-18 hole golf course and challenging golf courses in the world.  cycling Cycling through rural areas in general, the initial start is in the morning when the weather is cool while having lunch.
 Tembeling Nusa Penida Secret Swimming Hole, about 10 x 8 square meters. It's depth, according about 10 meters.  Playing Mystical The most playing mystical and unforgettable weekend here! We learn ancient Balinese mepantigang martial arts
 Tubing River Shaped like a donut which is a little bit oval, Tubing River, to move flexibly in harmony with nature  rafting To build good teamwork, water sports activities will be more exciting to spur your adrenaline.
 surfing Surfing is fun water sports; A challenge, when you succeed in passing a donut-shaped wave, it is something that is most impressive.  Skimboard World Champhion Skimboard besides the warm beautiful water, is that there is always so many different people from all over
 Water Ski Water Ski, sport combines these two aspects. For those of you who like challenges, then you should try this one game.  Wakeboard Wakeboard, a challenging adrenaline game, will be invited to skate using boards such as skiing, and pulled by a boat.